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Bowhunter Gear, known to most South Africans just as the Bowhunter, is a monthly publication sold by subscription to bowhunters, game ranchers, archers, and outdoor lovers in the USA, Australia, and Europe, as well as locally. When the first magazine was published in May 2000, few people thought the magazine would last very long, since bowhunting was seen as a small niche market. However, since the first edition appeared more than 20 years ago, bowhunting has grown by leaps and bounds in South Africa. As an independent source of information on bowhunting, traditional archery, and survival, the magazine features articles on African game, animal behaviour, how to track and hunt, what gear to use, bow tests, information on new archery equipment, archery competitions, and many articles on the game species available in the country. Although our main content is on bowhunting, we also publish many articles on bush skills, outdoor living, and nature in general. Bowhunter Gear aims to provide informative, practical articles in which we want to bring the African adventure into your home and your heart.

The first five Bowhunter magazines printed

way back in the year 2000