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Frank Berbuir

Every continent has its “small big game.” South America has brocket deer, Asia has muntjacs and mouse deer, Europe has roebuck, and so forth, but no continent is so enriched as Africa with its profusion of pygmy antelopes. It is simply fascinating to see how many there are, how diverse the group is and how challenging it is to hunt them.

Magnificent Klipspringer and a happy hun
A klipspringer bowhunt

Johan de Jager

I was sitting in my easy chair drinking a cup of coffee and reading a local hunting magazine. It was late April 2020 when my phone rang. It was my bowhunting buddy, Chris Trollope, with whom I had hunted for nearly four years. He simply said “Get your stuff together; I have found you a South African springbuck. We are going as soon as your Mathews VXR 31.5 arrives in South Africa.” 

Springbok hunt

It is very important to set up your bow correctly. Many buyers of new bows generally rely on the bowshop to the bow up. but it is better if you learn how to do it yourself so that you do not have to run back to the shop should something go wrong with the set-up – specially if you are hunting...

Cleve Cheney

Setting up your bow

When hunting with a bow and arrow it is important to know where to shoot the animal you are hunting so insure a clean and quick kill. Videos and sketches are available on the website that will help you learn where the killzone is on each animal.

Engee Potgieter

PHOTO NO. 5 - Author with trophy Reedbuc
Common reedbuck

I steadied my cold hands by resting my elbows on the front of the hunting vehicle while I kept my binoculars trained on the distant cluster of reedbuck, one of which being the biggest ram I had ever laid eyes on and exactly the type of ram I had come so far to hunt...

Dennis Kamstra

Traditional bowhunt

Dennis Kamstra has hunted most of the Big Five and many other game animals all over the world. In this article he writes about his bowhunt on a water bauffalo in the Pampas in Argentina, South America.

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